Workman’s Comp is Getting Worse over the Years

Workers’ compensation benefits are awarded to employees who have been hurt or injured while in the course of the employment. Under the workman’s comp system, employers are expected to provide financial assistance to the injured employee and support them since they lost their wages and have medical bills to pay. This is how the system has worked since 1990s. However, American employees who have been injured at work have already given up. They are done trying to sue their employers and they are tired fighting for their right to be eligible for the workers’ compensation benefits.

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Disturbing Findings Injured Workers Should Know

According to the latest investigative report from National Public Radio (NPR) and ProPublica, an alarming number of states allows legislators to cut workers’ compensation benefits programs resulting to low premiums for employers, record profits for insurers, and a growing number of injured workers who are left sinking in financial crisis.

Some of ProPublica’s findings include the following:

  • The state where the worker got hurt matters a lot. Each state has its own workman’s comp system which means that an amputated arm can be worth more in one state than in another. For example, if a worker loss an eye and it happened in Alabama, the worker will be compensated for $27,280. If it happened in Pennsylvania, the compensation will be as much as $261,525.
  • Most states have reduced the payments to injured employees and also terminated them after an arbitrary time limit expires – even if the injured employee has not yet recuperated.
  • Legislators in 33 states have passed laws which cut the benefits of injured workers and laws which made it increasingly difficult for them to be eligible for the workman’s comp.
  • The medical decisions pertaining to the injured worker’s need for surgery is strictly controlled by employers and insurers. Employees are not able to choose the doctor who they want to treat them in 37 states. They are made to choose from a list provided by employers.
  • Insurers gained the highest profit in 2013 and employers paid the lowest workman’s compensation benefits since 1970s.

Workers notice these drastic changes in the workman’s comp system making it only more sensible for them to ask for help from an accomplished Denver workers compensation attorney. Sadly, authorities seem to not notice these trends, making it more alarming. The federal government has not been able to monitor the regulations of workman’s comp for more than ten years so the system has become worse over the years.

Injured Workers Should Not Give up the Fight

Because of these alarming changes, many injured employers are left without the financial support and relief they so desperately need. A growing number of worker’s comp cases are taken to court where authorities witness just how inhumane worker’s comp regulations can be.

These concerning trends make it all the more important for injured workers to seek a trusted Denver workers compensation attorney to help them through their case.

If you’re an injured worker who fears your workman’s comp benefits would stop one day, an experienced Denver Disability Lawyer can guide you and educated you on the important matters you needed to know.

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