Workers Compensation for People with Multiple Jobs

When times are hard and you have to make ends meet, you are compelled to take on multiple jobs. You should be aware of the possibility that you might get injured in one of those jobs. This is truly a disappointing experience. If you need someone to defend your right to proper compensation, ask the help of a Greeley workers compensation lawyer.  In the meantime, read below and acquaint yourself with the basic process of claiming benefits.

Greeley Worker Compensation Lawyer

Where to start?

You must know that having multiple jobs still makes you eligible for compensation benefits. The procedure gets a bit tricky as you’re in an inconvenient situation. First, focus your attention on the job in which you were injured. You’ll be claiming your workers compensation from the insurance provider of that company. Your benefits include all doctors’ fees, prescription, lost wage, and transportation fees to and from the hospital or clinic where you’re being treated. The second (or third) job won’t provide you with these benefits for the simple reason that you did not incur injury in that workplace. The second job is not accountable for your condition.

Let’s say the injury was pretty severe. Your doctor advised you not to go to work for BOTH jobs. In this case, you may be required to show your pay stubs from the second job. The insurance provider of the first job is then required to pay you your average weekly wage, which includes the money you could’ve earned from that second job.

What is an Average Weekly Wage?

Your combined income in a week is called average weekly wage. It is important that you get a fair wage in the first place. This will affect your temporary disability or permanent disability pay so it’s best to get this done correctly.  If you don’t think you’re getting paid enough, contact a Greeley disability attorney and they will help you fix it. Some people even go to trial for this. For sure, you would want to get yourself a lawyer if it’s what the situation calls for.

What about the Second Job?

You should inform your injury to your second employer, even if you did not incur the accident at his or her workplace. After telling your boss, notify the insurance provider. Don’t expect to receive much from them, though. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim at all. If the second (or third) job lets you go because you haven’t been around to do work, then you should contact a Greeley disability attorney. You can file for state disability benefits. Don’t get confused – this filing is separate from what you’re filing in your first job.

Other things to keep in mind

Remember to inform the management immediately. Time is crucial here. As an injured worker, the faster your claims come, the better it will be for your general health. The process can be time consuming and tedious. It can also be extremely disappointing if your claim gets denied. Know that Kaplan Morrell is here to help you. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.