Two Sides Of A Coin: What Movement Monitoring Technology Means For Worker’s Compensation

In this day and age, technology is everywhere. It is therefore no surprise that different gadgets find themselves in our workplace all the time. However, once in a while, there comes a device that has the potential to make big changes in the work environment. The latest of these is movement monitoring technology, an innovation that may transform work safety and worker’s compensations in the near future.

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What is movement monitoring technology? 

Movement monitoring technology is a new innovation companies are looking to introduce into the workplace. While these devices have traditionally made their mark in healthcare, a number of companies have eyed incorporating them into the workplace as well.

These devices come in different forms, the most prominent of which is a tracking sensor embedded in a vest. In a quest to reduce workplace injuries, the vest’s sensor monitors the movements of their workers, giving employers a real time view of where they are and recording data that may be used to study work-related accidents and improve work safety.

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What can workers get from this technology?

It’s not difficult to see the pros of having prominent safety measures in the workplace. With the ostensible purpose of reducing employee injuries, movement monitoring can be especially useful for workers in high-risk jobs like mining, construction, and transportation.

After all, nobody wants to get injured. And while Colorado laws include provisions for disabled employees, a Denver disability lawyer can tell you that compensation claims can turn into an unwelcome headache as well.

However, movement monitoring doesn’t just help the worker. As workers-comp coverage takes up a chunk of business expenses, increased safety measures can mean lower compensation claims and costs for insurance premiums. For this reason, big insurers have looked into investing into movement monitoring companies that prevent worker injuries.

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Is there a downside to movement monitoring devices?

Despite its benefits, the promise of increased safety through movement monitoring devices also comes at a price.