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Unusual Workers’ Compensation Cases

You never know what could happen in your workplace. Even though certain security regulations are established, it is always a surprise when you would be injured physically, mentally, and emotionally. You also would not expect who or what would inflict that injury. It could be caused by repetitive work, by a person outside your workplace, by a colleague, or by yourself.

Unusual Workers’ Compensation Cases

Sometimes, you just assume when something is covered by the Denver workers’ compensation lawyer or not. However, there are workers’ compensation cases that win when you least expect it, or the other way around.

Injury at Work

There are employees who get injuries when they are working. If you break some parts of your body due to repetitive use or because of exerting too much force, you may file for Workers’ Compensation so that you will be paid for the damages that your work or your workplace has inflicted on you.

Unusual Workers’ Compensation Cases

An employee broke his leg because he was trying to jump over a trench to get into a truck to cool off on a hot workday. Landing awkwardly, he severely broke his leg. Even though the employee was engaged in horseplay, he was still granted Workers’ Comp.Another case involves a fast food chain employee trying to save a bag of French fries from falling down the floor. When she was able to catch the bag, she injured her neck because of the sudden bending, twisting, and jerking. She was granted Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Some employees also get posttraumatic stress disorder due to some situations in their workplace or during work.It could be an effect of an accident or, worse, death which happened during work. It could also happen when your boss is putting you under too much pressure or assaulting you with verbal threats, resulting to abnormal levels of stress. You could be manifesting symptoms of stress after a traumatic event. its best to consult your local Denver Disability Lawyer or Greeley Disability Lawyer.

Unusual Workers’ Compensation Cases

One example of this would be a physician’s assistant manifesting PTSD symptoms after being verbally threatened by a surgeon during a procedure. The court granted PTSD award to the plaintiff.

Injuries outside the workplace

There have been several cases of employees who got injuries while traveling, but within their job description. One employee was intoxicated after a dinner meeting. He decided to play with the rails on an escalator, which resulted into an injury. He was still granted Workers’ Comp benefits.

Unusual Workers’ Compensation Cases


Have you found yourself in a similar situation as the ones stated above? Do you think that you have a viable case for Workers’ Compensation? In Kaplan Morrell, you can seek the assistance of workers’ compensation attorneys who can help you with your case. You can go to our Denver or Greeley office and consult with our workers’ compensation lawyers. We serve the Northern Colorado area. You can also call us for more information at our toll-free number: (866) 356-9898.