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Firefighters Compensation : Denver workers compensation

Firemen, also referred to as firefighters, are important to public safety. Unfortunately, they have one of the highest rates of wounds, injuries, and illnesses of all professions. Their job issimply to pull out people from burning cars, building fires, and other dangerous situations. While those who want to get involved in the fire department often think of the encouraging side of the job, including a pay of over $50,000 as of 2014, there is also a setback.

Being a firefighter is having your one leg buried in the ground, always on the brink of death.Firefighters work in often dangerous and complex environments that boost their threat of on-the-job death and injury. A fireman normally puts himself at risk because of fire but most eminently, from exposures to many other job-related infections and hazards. Although many died on duty, firefighters face a relatively high chance of being injured even under training.

Surprisingly, burns, an injury commonly associated with fire, are not the major cause of their wounds.

Below are circumstances and incidents that result to firefighters obtaining wounds, injuries, and long-time diseases:

  • Exposures to infectious diseases

In 2014, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated that around 10,000 firefighters were exposed to infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, and meningitis. Hospitals that encountered medical runs by firefighters name infectious diseases as one of the common causes of death among firemen.

  • Exposures to hazards

NFPA said that approximately 25,000 injury cases related to the firefighting profession are caused by hazardous conditions. Trying to control fire and respond to medical emergencies, firefighters’ lives are put to risk often due to exposures to fumes, asbestos, radioactive materials, and hazardous chemicals.


  • On fireground operations

Firefighter injuries are often incurred while rescuing people and saving properties from structure fires, vehicle fires, and brush fires. Major types of injuries obtained from fireground operations are strains and sprains, wound cuts, bleeding, bruises thermal stress, and burns.


  • During non-fire emergencies, training activities, and on-duty activities

Over the past few years, NFA noted a relevant rise in the number of non-fire emergencies. Yet in spite the quick increase, the number of injuries that occurred as such incidents lowers by the minute.

Wearing heavy equipment such as thick coats, face masks, and combat boots does not guarantee complete safety for firefighters. It is imperative to be aware of the said risks before choosing firefighting as a career. Whilewider understanding of how these fatalities, injuries, and illnesses arise can assistin recognizingremedial actions that could help reduce the intrinsic risks, it is also important to consult trusted Denver workers compensation attorneys.

Workers’ compensation can be tricky, perplexing, and very complex. However, Colorado firefighters can rely on Kaplan Morrell to help you and thousands others who are looking to claim the benefits you deserve. Call your Denver and Greeley workers compensation attorney sat (866) 356-9898 for a FREE consultation and learn how a Denver disability lawyer could further assist you fight for your rights.

Top 5 Reasons Disability Claims are Denied in Colorado

Greeley Workers Compensation LawyerA disability claim filed before the Social Security Administration may be approved based on two findings: (1) that the claimant has a medical condition which satisfies the requirements in the listing of impairments, and this condition lasted, can, or is projected to last for a minimum of one year; and (2) that the medical condition that a claimant experiences must be severe enough to limit his capacity to work and earn a considerable income. These findings must coincide with each other.

Every year, the Social Security Administration approves around 32% of disability claims and denies approximately 68%. Here are some common reasons why disability claims are denied. Find yourself a Denver disability lawyer to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Failure to provide sufficient medical evidence.

You must ensure that you have all the pieces of evidence to show that you are entitled to the claim. Doctors’ notes, x-rays, and other medical records should be submitted to the proper office. If they cannot be submitted because they are with the hospital, make sure to give the Social Security Administration permission to view your medical records. Remember that it is not you who will evaluate but the Social Security Administration. Prepare the records based on their standards, not yours.


  1. Incorrectly completed forms.

When you apply for a disability claim, you will meet various kinds of forms which need to be completed. Take your time in answering the forms. Do not rush, and make sure you input the correct pieces of information. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration assessor might mistake your improperly filled out form as an act of fraud. If you are not confident in filling up those forms, visit a Denver disability lawyer who will explain to you what you should and should not write.


  1. Failure to conform to other medical requirements.

Depending on the listed disability, the Social Security Administration would often require you to visit a third-party medical expert who will conduct a consultative exam on you. Comply with this requirement. Otherwise, you will get your application denied.


  1. Your case is not just strong enough.

Your claim will be approved if you can prove that your disability does not permit you to work at all. Should the Social Security Administration discover that you can perform other types of work, your application will surely be denied.


  1. Failure to talk with a Greeley disability attorney.

A lawyer specialized in handling social security benefits claims will help you prepare the necessary paperwork and pieces of evidence. Find one to help you especially in the critical areas of your application to ensure that your claim will be approved.

Preparing a disability claim is very taxing, and complicated. Kaplan Morrell has helped thousands of clients since 1997 to get the disability benefits they truly deserve. Contact our Denver Workers Compensation attorneys now or call us at (866) 356-9898 for your FREE CONSULTATION.