Injured Workers: Be Vigilant to Report Terrible Workplace Conditions

When employers expose their workers to life-threatening hazards in the workplace repeatedly and willfully, it can mean a lot of legal troubles for them.

Injured Workers: Exposure to Sulfuric Acid Can Lead to OSHA Citation

There are a number of companies in Colorado and other states which do not pay proper attention and to basic health and safety procedures in the workplace.  By ignoring this fundamental requirement from every business, employers send a terrible message that tells employees how they don’t care about the lives of their workers. This situation calls for the injured employee to seek the counsel of a trusted Denver workers compensation attorney to get the workers’ compensation benefits he or she rightfully deserve.

Denever Workers Compensation Attorney

One example is a laundry company in Colorado which focuses in laundering hotel fabrics. A complaint reached the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently about how unsafe the working conditions are in the said laundry company. During OSHA’s investigation, inspectors found out a number of safety violations for which the laundry company was cited for back in 2011 after one of their workers died have not been addressed.

Most of the company’s violations were related to their workers being exposed to a solution which contains 50% sulfuric acid. The workers have no way to exit the facility safely because their route to the exit required them to pass around 14 barrels which contains 55 gallons of the dangerous solution. The laundry company has an eyewash and shower facilities in the event that workers needed to have their eyes or bodies flushed with water due to accidental exposure. However, their workers do not have access to them because they’re locked. Other violations cited were lockout and tagout procedures that the company did not establish, causing the workers to be exposed to moving machine parts. Therefore, OSHA concluded that workers’ lives are highly at risk while working inside the facility.

Injured Workers and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Employees working in Colorado who are injured may be worrying about unexpected medical expenses since they do not have any wage to expect while they are recovering.  They should find comfort in the fact that financial relief is available to them through the workers’ compensation program. Injured workers should ask the assistance of an experienced Denver workers compensation lawyer to help them get the benefits. Lost wages and medical expenses are typically covered by the program and if the injuries sustained while in the workplace lead to disabilities, an additional compensation may be given to them.

If you have been injured at your workplace and you need help with getting workers’ compensation benefits, an experienced Denver workers compensation lawyer is the best person to seek help from.

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