Greeley Disability Lawyer 3 Effective Methods to Increase Chances of Winning Disability Benefits

When a person is said to request a disability claim, they’re essentially asking for income assistance due to mental or physical disability that ultimately leads to an inability to live a traditional life or job. Filed directly to the Social Security Office, successfully achieving financial assistance from the government can be quite a nightmare. For the few that receive social security disability insurance, many are denied. Thankfully, there are a few things one can do to improve their chances of receiving the income assistance they need.

Hire a Lawyer

Whether one is in Denver, Greenley, or any neighboring cities, it’s vitally important that they speak with a  lawyer about their given situation. Statistically speaking, individuals who are represented by a lawyer are more likely to be awarded disability assistance than when compared to individuals who do not have a lawyer. Denver disability lawyers or  Denver workers compensation lawyer will be able to answer any questions you may have or help you win your disability case.

Keep Clear Records

One of the most important things to do when dealing with a disability case is to simply maintain as accurate and detailed records as possible. Individuals should consolidate all record and medical history records to present to the disability examiner. The less records you have yields a greater chance of being denied disability assistance

Request a Written Statement From Your Doctor

A powerful, yet effective way to increase one’s chances of winning disability benefits is to request a detailed note from their personal doctor outlining (1) what the conditions is, and (2), how said disability inhibits one from working or living a normal life. Due to the fact that doctors are well-respected amongst the SSA, disability examiners are more likely to reward a person if their documents contain a written note from a doctor.


Disability claims can be a headache and a half. In order to expedite the process and increase one’s chances of being approved for disability, it’s highly recommended that a disabled individual contact a professional Denver disability lawyer & incorporate the above-mentioned tips into their case.